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Thank you for taking the time to learn about service, the easiest way to shopping online at discounted prices and save money!

Did you know that most online vendors have discount offers and site-wide sale running almost every day? When you look to buy any product or a service online, many great discounts are readily available.

During the checkout process, most online stores will have a field/section on their web site - where you can enter a coupon or promotion code. Entering a special code will give you a discounted rate, free shipping or any other giveaway.

STEP 1: Make a note of the store name from where you plan to order something - for example:

STEP 2: Visit -

STEP 3: Enter the store name/address from STEP-1 into the search box (located at the top right corner of this page) and press the "Search" button.
Wilydeals - How to search for your discount coupon at
Wilydeals - How to activate your discount coupon at

STEP 4: You should now be presented with any discounts or coupons available for that store.

STEP 5: Click on the "Activate Coupon" link within the desired discount offer box.

STEP 6: Copy this coupon code and proceed to enter your coupon code on your store order page, when asked at checkout.

With any luck you should now have a great discount applied to your order!
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