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Written by Super User on 27 June 2013.

People always love to travel. It is the most popular and most loved activity of all people from different walks of life. People view traveling in many different ways. To people who see it as a past-time, they travel for recreation or vacation. People also travel for business purposes like trading. They may be migrating to greener pastures. Others travel for religious purposes like pilgrimage and missions trips. Still others travel for the purpose of discovery and research.

In July 2009, 42% of American adults traveled by air for leisure trips. The study focused on trips done in the months of August 20008 to July 2009. Business air travels also increased to 48% in the same age group. Internationally, it was also discovered that 56% of the international visitor to the U.S. are Canadians and Mexicans. International visitation is also expected to increase, predicting that Chinese visitations will grow to 61%. Furthermore, each family is said to be taking an average of 4.5 trips per year.

One of the world’s leading traveling agencies is Expedia. It has been in the market for 16 years offering excellent services to their loyal clients. In October 1996, Expedia made its way on the web as Microsoft Expedia Travel Services. In the succeeding three years, Expedia opened in other international countries such Canada, London and Germany. And in late 1999, it announced its first public offering.

Expedia continues to move forward garnering citations and surpassing the decade’s number 1 online traveling company, Travelocity. In 2002 and 2003, Expedia launched its corporate travel and acquired respectively. It acquired many more services and has expanded to other countries like France, Italy and the Netherlands. The company entered Asia through China, and opened in another European country, Italy.

In 2011, Expedia or now also known as Egencia, was named the largest travel agency in the world. This year, it also acquired AirAsia and is available in 60 countries all over the world. And the company just keeps on growing and growing. With Expedia, you can book your flights, hotel accommodations and car rentals easily. You can also choose travel destinations through Expedia. The site makes the pre-traveling preparation easy for you. All you have to do is give necessary information, relax and fly.

In the site, you can also find getaways. From 4 nights in a cruise ship to a day tour in the Bahamas or experience mystery in the Easter Island. Booking is also very easy; you can even download an application to your device which can help you with booking in Expedia. Why book or shop online? We book online simply because it is convenient. It is like getting your work done by others. Furthermore, when you shop online for travel getaways, you can get discounts through coupons.


With Expedia coupons, you can get huge discounts of up to 55% off. The company offers great deals for traveling. One is the discounted trip to Maui. You get to experience Maui with a discount of 35% off. You can also get package discounts in places like the Riu Palace. Their package is inclusive of their stay in the hotel and airfare.

Expedia promos are also found online. Package tours are made available and easy. Top deals are always found on their homepage like this 7 to 10 days of touring in Bangkok, Thailand. The package will include the airfare, accommodation, tours and breakfast. It is like having a secretary with you to do all you itineraries.

Truly the best online traveling company in the world!

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