Getting the Best from the Footwear Industry

Written by Super User on 24 May 2013.

Footwear is a vital component of fashion. It serves as protection for the feet while providing comfort and stylishness to the wearer. Footwear can be made of leather, rubber, jute, metal, plastic, or a combination of any of these materials. Several components are used to provide maximum utility for footwear and to add aesthetic value to each pair. The footwear industry is a lucrative area but in Europe, it has faced a decline for the past years as seen in the decreasing number of footwear companies in the continent. As for the United States, revenue for the footwear industry proves to be promising at $48 billion just this 2012. Footwear firms in the US amount to 29, 000, yet the good status of the industry is hindered by the rising number of imports.

The is one of the providers of footwear specifically for women. The business was officially launched in 2007 as a product of the teaming of Linda and Eric McCoy. The is anchored on the passion for stylish women’s shoes and the desire to make them readily accessible online. offers boots and heels in a variety of colors, styles, and designs that are very trendy. They provide free shipping and returns as well as the price protection fee. The latter is a guarantee giving the shopper who has purchase from the site 14 days to look at other competitor’s prices for the pair bought. In case there is a more affordable price found, an inquiry should be sent via website. Once verified, the buyer will be issued with a gift certificate.


Shopping online has become more than just a trend as it grows to be a necessity in a busy world. Online footwear shopping is not all a hassle since there are several available sizes and benefits that one can get. Free returns are an example of an advantage. For more affordable prices, numerous manufacturers, sellers, and resellers offer heels discount such as in the case of It can be obtained from their site and other online marketplaces devoted to offering discount coupons.


At, there are many linked discounts. Though the price protection guarantee is not applicable for discount coupons, the deal is so fair considering the percentage cut from the price. International residents can get free shipping deals, while others can obtain a cut of up to half the price. Some coupons also allow a buyer to get shoes from popular celebrities or shows such as Jessica Simpson and Sex and the City, respectively at 10% off. For purchase of branded shoes, a heels coupon will also provide any buyer a good deal.


The post-recession economy is expected to give the global footwear market a boost through rising up to $195 billion once 2015 is reached. However, as of now, the volume of sales is decreasing in developing countries due to low income. They invest more on more affordable shoes sacrificing the quality. With the availability of coupons for high-quality shoes, people especially women can still purchase the shoes that they need and dream of.


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