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Written by Super User on 18 May 2013.

In the past four decades, newspapers had its reign over media. However, with the advent of the internet, print media soon started to experience a decline in its sales. According to the Newspaper Association of America, 2004 was still a good year for revenue for the newspaper industry but a decline gradually followed through. In 2006, the internet was given a boost affect the revenue of the newspaper industry quite hard. The year 2009 marks a downfall for the industry with least revenue relating to a negative value. After this, the revenue became higher but still at a negative value. The value stayed the same from 2010 to 2011.

At an annual growth of -8.1% from 2007 to 2012, many newspaper companies expect more losses to come with the heightening influence of internet in the lives of readers. Due to this, they opened the availability of the newspaper media online through a variety of subscription deals involving printed, electronic, or both copies.

One of the very popular daily newspapers available in that was established in the United States is the Wall Street Journal. This newspaper has its focus on business and economic issues. In 2003, the Wall Street Journal was made available online accounting for about 980, 000 paid subscribers of its print and electronic copy. It is said to have been the news website with the greatest number of paid subscriptions, which offers wallstreet journal deals.

The Wall Street Journal was founded by Charles Bergstresser, Edward Jones, and Charles Dow. It was first published in 1889 as a conversion of the Customer’s Afternoon Letter. The Wall Street Journal became prominent until 1990 when it hit the rocks due to growing costs in newsprint as well as of lack advertising. However, it was still able to go against the obstacles and be one of the drivers of the business and economic inspiration and perspectives of readers.

The Wall Street Journal chiefly offers business and financial news. However, it is also a credible source of politics and government, social issues, science and health, law, entertainment, arts and sports news and information during Fridays. Readers can obtain print, online or subscriptions for both. Discounted prices are obtainable through deals and coupons. The newspaper has different sections to tell the readers what’s new and inform the audience of fruitful advices relating to business and finance.

Shopping online for the Wall Street Journal entails greater accessibility of the edition copies an individual desires. Ease of purchase especially as regard to time and availability is achieved when getting online subscriptions. Some of the wallstreet journal discount coupons that can be availed include a $20 cut from the online subscription cost, free 2-week subscription, 65% less for the print subscription, 70% cut from the price of the combined subscriptions, and others. Most offers are available for a limited period, thus, it is advised to check sites frequently for their available discount coupons. Discounts can be generous online especially for content-based purchases. Taking advantage of these opportunities will be worth the investment of someone’s time and money.



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