Memorial Day Weekend – Opportunity for Another Shopping Spree?

Written by Super User on 03 May 2013.

 Well – the Memorial Day weekend is round the corner. The last Monday of May is not far from now. The moment we think of “Memorial Day”, as the traditional observance in all parts of the U.S., the first thing that occurs to the mind is the sacrifice made by the soldiers of America, shedding their blood for the national cause.

In any country, the civilians lead a life of peace, safety and order, due to the vigil and alertness kept by the men in uniform, who devote their entire life in performing their duty, willingly taken up to protect the cause and interests of the nation. The Memorial Day in the U.S. is sanctified by the remembrance of those, who served in the U.S. Armed Forces and died. Earlier, it started as “Decorations Day”, to honor those, who fought the American Civil War to establish rule of the Law.

Looking back into the documentations available, it all started somewhere in the 1860s, to honor the cemeteries of those died during Civil War, and was enlarged over years to commemorate the memories of all soldiers and people - men and women - who died in all wars, fought by the U.S. nation. Although the ceremonious events of paying respects to the grave varied from region to region – South; North and at Gettysburg National Park – the underlying factor to honor the memories of the brave warriors of America is one and the same, which continues even today.

We are living in the modern era, coming very far away from those darker periods of chaos and confusion. As far as the present generation is concerned, the Memorial Day Celebrations is meant to spend that long week end including Monday, as the federal holiday to visit friends and relatives and family reunions. In addition, end of May is unofficial start of summer and so family outings on vacation, to beaches and resorts are quite common.

Here is some interesting statistics how Americans enjoy this start of “summer spending”. Americans dining outside during Memorial Day weekend 59%; visiting friends and relatives 52%; and an overwhelming 43% of Americans go on the “Shopping Spree”. Understandably, getting 3 days together totally free, with nothing particular to do, will be something out of the ordinary. The online outlets make great use of this week-end, to dispose of their merchandises with lucrative discounts. Fabulous price discounts make you feel happier, in buying products that you’ve been waiting for long, by visiting websites like WilyDeals and Couponscave etc. and availing the discount coupons, all at once place.

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